Learning Management System Marketing Site [UX Design]


Designed for medical doctor to provide online learning opportunities to his patients.


Marketing site for Learning Management System (LMS):

  • Userflow
  • Wireframes
  • Visual Design


Through a conversation with the CEO, I was able to extract the project vision, high-level scope, userflow, and technical requirements for the holistic experience and each individual screen.

outline and userflow

Now I was ready to start the lo-fidelity wireframes.


Building upon the userflow of screens included in my sketch above, I sketched the initial wireframes of the first five pages of the learning experience.


I went through a few iterations as I received feedback from the CEO, and prepared to visually design a high fidelity comp of the home page.

sales page wireframe and requirements

Upon receiving approval from the CEO on the layout of the page sketched in the wireframe above, I was now ready to visually design the high fidelity designs of the entire learning experience.

Visual Design

I went through a few design iterations of this home page, and when the CEO was ready I handed it off to the engineer for the build.

full home page