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Eat more fruits and veggies

The Partnership for a Healthier America is on a mission to get the world to eat more fruits and veggies. This case study shows how I strengthened the partnership between APCO advocacy agency, 200 agency partners, and a celebrity line-up led by Jessica Alba


APCO is an advocacy communications consultancy


Design & Prototyping


UX Design & Wordpress Innovation


"APCO is an advisory and advocacy communications consultancy that stays ahead of trends to help our clients achieve success." Advocacy agencies make change happen through strong partnerships across sectors. My client, APCO, plays an instrumental role with The Partnership for a Healthier America in getting the world to eat more fruits and veggies. Through a creative partnership with over 200+ national food vendors and an all-star celebrity line-up, APCO lays the groundwork to increase demand for fruits and veggies while unlocking access to healthier options.

The partnership states that participating national food suppliers reduce their prices to increase access to healthier options, regardless of income-level. In exchange, food supplier receive co-branded assets to drive up demand for the healthier options.


I worked on-site for a half-day with the agency account executive, engineer, and campaign strategist to unpack the specific nature of the situation. After an initial 15-minute stand-up meeting I facilitated a whiteboard session to define the ecosystem, the people involved, and pin-point the specific area.


Now that I knew where to look, I asked the account executive questions to learn more about the area highlighted in magenta.


As partner organizations grew to over 200+, the partners expressed feeling friction in requesting co-branded marketing literature.

The efficacy of this partnership rests solely on the 200+ partners ability to leverage co-branded marketing materials to drive up the demand for the now-reduced price food. If the partners are unable to increase sales, and they will lose money, the nation will not have accessed this opportunity.

How might we better manage the relationship with the 200+ partners while improving the effectiveness of the campaign to improve the health of America?


The partners were requesting the same files, experienced long delays between requests, there was an issue with mobile access, and my client (the agency) found itself in a unique position to transform this challenge into an opportunity.

The Opportunity

The plan was to standardize the complexity of the partnership through a simple e-commerce experience. The desired outcome was a mobile-friendly web application for APCO to scale the distribution and management of digital assets to PHA partner organizations.


After the whiteboard session with the agency account executive, we simplified the flow to the following screens.

flow sketch

I left the agency that afternoon tasked with the responsibility of turning the paper/pencil sketches into digital designs for a cleaner presentation.


Over the next few days, I collaborated with the client remotely on a set of higher fidelity wireframes that would be easy to hand-off to the developers.


We worked through several iterations of the low-fidelity wireframes via email. We were able to simplify most of the flow, eliminate the login and registration screens, and optimize the onboarding in a modern way.

Visual Design

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